Chickens As Pets - standard ePub edition

Welcome to The Copy Devil.

This is the small but perfectly formed and 100% independent digital art, publishing, editorial and copywriting business run by Andrew Simon Hinkinson, artist and author of non-fiction books Chickens As Pets (a brand encompassing the follow-up, Raising Chickens Indoors, and social networking accounts), the novel WOOF!, short stories for Kindle and other e-readers, plus two poetry collections.

Andrew’s books are available under The Copy Devil imprint from Amazon, Apple, Smashwords, Kobo, Sony, Barnes & Noble and all good digital book retailers. Chickens As Pets and WOOF! are also available in paperback from Amazon as well as all digital formats.

WOOF! - an adults-only comedy novel

Read Andrew’s author profile on Amazon, visit the Chickens As Pets brand website and browse his author’s personal blog.

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Andrew started out in the media in 1995 and in his work under The Copy Devil banner provides social media and community management, copywriting and editorial consultation to businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Andrew can offer help with ebook creation (ePub, PDF, mobi (for Kindle), iBooks Author) as well as one-to-one author assistance with everything from proofing and editing through to cover creation and font selection, plus he can undertake commissions of digital art for those wishing to commemorate and immortalise their animal companions.


There’s more. Andrew can provide consultant advice to authors on running their social media accounts – how to conduct themselves online, what to say and the things you must never say – as well as how to manage promotional activity and engage with prospective readers in ways that are authentic and won’t turn them off.

Want to know what Andrew can do for YOU to make your copy better and help you format and sell your books online?




Cordelia the Ex-Battery Hen

Andrew’s digital artworks can
be browsed and commissioned via
the Pet Portraits for Everyone page on Facebook
or the Pet Portraits for Everyone website.

For only £30, your favourite photo of a beloved animal companion can be turned into a beautiful portrait by Andrew Hinkinson, digital artist. He uses a real brush (with magnetised carbon filaments in the hairs) on an iPad.

A traditional brush can no more paint on its own than an iPad can. It takes artistic talent and several hours to work on your painting. Andrew only ever focuses on one character study at a time.

Jai's Kitten

There’s no P&P – your portrait is delivered by email, one copy for online sharing and a high-resolution copy for sending to one of the many print-to-canvas services.

Contact Andrew via the contact page on this site or the PPFE website and Facebook page, where you can browse his fast-growing portfolio of commissions and read testimonials from satisfied customers.






You’ve got two easy ways to get in touch for a free, no obligation quote. You can use the contact form below or just give me a call.

Office hours are Mon-Fri 9am-6pm and the number is

If you’re outside the UK, just replace the first 0 with 44. I can help with British, US and International English copy and publishing ebooks in mobi, epub and iBooks formats the world over.

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